Monday, 26 November 2012


Good morning peeps, how are you doing? hope all is good. Just have been really indulged in the work which was left untouched because of the resistance: EXAMS. Yeah, I was busy in Exams and couldn't post too much but my exams are now done and I am hoping for a good result as well. But there are my holidays for a few days so I had planner much for these days, NO NO NO! You are getting it wrong buddy, not the fun type thing like going out and blah blah get-togethers, I am talking about the work that was left apart of the Exhibition, sheesh. It's been going on I had to make some balls and had to check out and put an eye on the rest of the exhi-work.

I was just making them then suddenly my coochy-coo Anshoo came! and I was just so happy that I neglected the exhi-work and started to take pictures with her in this lazy.cozy.busy & cold morning of about 9:30 am! I can't tell you how cute she is! oh let it be! You know it! hehehe.

Besides, she can stand with a little support given and she stood by my support and I took the picture lol =p
She was wearing some hot clothes because of cold and she stood by my side while I took the picture and I was feeling a little cold but I carried on with her, I was so happy to see her face frst in the morning after the late night last face of her =) It's just so special! she is a bit clumsy because of the teeth that are emerging out of her jaws and she bites our fingers! hehe OUCH!

You can see the sunshine, it was so comfortable in the ring on the natural light in the cold weather with loved people around..

I was busy but then my busyness turned out to be fun! Joyous morning!

Thanks for stopping by!