Monday, 26 November 2012


Good morning peeps, how are you doing? hope all is good. Just have been really indulged in the work which was left untouched because of the resistance: EXAMS. Yeah, I was busy in Exams and couldn't post too much but my exams are now done and I am hoping for a good result as well. But there are my holidays for a few days so I had planner much for these days, NO NO NO! You are getting it wrong buddy, not the fun type thing like going out and blah blah get-togethers, I am talking about the work that was left apart of the Exhibition, sheesh. It's been going on I had to make some balls and had to check out and put an eye on the rest of the exhi-work.

I was just making them then suddenly my coochy-coo Anshoo came! and I was just so happy that I neglected the exhi-work and started to take pictures with her in this lazy.cozy.busy & cold morning of about 9:30 am! I can't tell you how cute she is! oh let it be! You know it! hehehe.

Besides, she can stand with a little support given and she stood by my support and I took the picture lol =p
She was wearing some hot clothes because of cold and she stood by my side while I took the picture and I was feeling a little cold but I carried on with her, I was so happy to see her face frst in the morning after the late night last face of her =) It's just so special! she is a bit clumsy because of the teeth that are emerging out of her jaws and she bites our fingers! hehe OUCH!

You can see the sunshine, it was so comfortable in the ring on the natural light in the cold weather with loved people around..

I was busy but then my busyness turned out to be fun! Joyous morning!

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

{I feel the first time, everytime}

Hey people, I was thinking from a few days that I should upload a picture and post something which emphasizes our nature, which praises the creator of it.

This picture is just nothing, but blurred. Just this morning I woke up and felt the beauty in the air and the atmosphere, the morning is clear, shinning like our hopes are and the wind is blowing and blowing... I loved when I tip-toed out of the room and started working for the upcoming exhibition at my place and then started DIY-ing but then I came to realize that this scenario which has been created since a few hours ago, was never like this before! The bounties of the nature show us the generosity of the creator, that each person he created differs from another, the prints on their hands, the color of their hair, difference in their temperament & everything!

Similarly, the weathers he created, each differs from one another, there's one which makes the sun brighter and makes our days prolonged, while one is reducing our days by cold breezes, spring brings happiness and greenery around, whereas autumn is opposed of spring, which brings lots of pale brown orbs in our garden.

Nothing is picked apart from praising, we praise and we thank for the bounties that He has bestowed on us, we should be thankful for the beauty of the nature and .... of ourselves.

I hope you loved the post.

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Hey peeps, how are you doing? I am sharing some of the images that inspire me and I hope that they would inspire you too.

  • This text! Whoa, quiet woman-ish.
  • This and  this craziness, I believe.
  • The composition and the blur in this one.
  • This composition in the photo.
  • The style I wan't like this.
  • The shots I would love to take like this one.
  • A sweet breakfast like this.
  • The key chains like this.

I hope that these might have inspired you too! 
Come by again for inspirations!

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{Love them kiddies}

Love them kiddies, I tell you whenever they visit our house, the whole house enlightens, they are my cousin's children and I am their aunt (quiet silly, but yes) and I love them, the warmth for kids and the love provided by me is all the same, but the kinship is been going on and these two are just the most loved children of our house.

I told you about my niece Ansharah, you might know her as well because I have uploaded her pictures a couple of times and have introduced her to you so you are familiar to her, so I thought to share some other compositors of our life.. She is also the apple of our eyes, but these two children are the most and the most loved ones because they were first born then Ansharah came in this world and touched our hearts, but they were and are the most loving kids of our time, you can't imagine the warmth of love of the people for them! and besides, they are the most deliberate speakers and well-mannered children that I have ever met across! That is just another reason to love them, believe me.

Their naughtiness lies in their eyes but the cuteness lies in every tread they take forward! I feel just so beautiful and lucky to have such people NOT AROUND our house, but somewhere in our hearts! They have impressed and have taken every thing that belongs to us, including our hearts, our souls, our love and the warmth and cute smiles that emerge on our mouths when they impress us by their cute doings! and every mischief has cuteness and innocence enclosed within it!

I hope you would love them too, let's see if you like them by the text above which modifies and emphasizes them. What if you meet them!

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Dear Joy!

Dear Joy,

You are the most wanted thing in the world, I wanted you since the day when I was born, but you gradually and eventually, I realized you've gone short, and grew shorter and shorter, now I have almost no part of you. But still, I believe you would return to me because a human heart is the only better place which worth your presence and hates your absence, you might be only one, or might be too many little ones, we never assumed you either you are a superior piece, or little small one, but still, I want you to glow in heart once again.

 As you came by at the doorstep, I slammed the door. Maybe I did what was was right according to me but it wasn't so good to you, come by, wave me and wake me up and tell me I am NOT the saddest person in the world. Please come by.

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{Bitter Sweet}

Hello peepos! Hope you are cheering up, I apologize for this late post, I know you might have got bored of seeing those older ones, so finally I got some matter to post on.

 YAY! I have got more equipment for my photography (not really) well you know that I don't do photography but just kinda, what you name it! ART WORK! Yep, I do art work and none of my pictures can be named as photography at all, because this thing can be done by some professionals because the camera is my brother's custody so I use it sometimes and just to give you high quality pictures of daily life, I capture pictures from a Digital SLR, otherwise there's really nothing that can name it as a most composed part of life.

Well most of the photography that I have seen isn't really what we call photography, it's what we call 'Art Work' and just because my brother has made the house a studio lol =p So I have got contact with speed lights, umbrellas, soft-boxes and other kinda portrait lenses and other equipment with almost no use of it by me! So I just kinda take pictures and then Photoshop or kinda light room it out =p

Well, We can't name it as photography as this field is kinda deep and interesting for those who can understand, exclude me =p because it's a truth that I really don't understand one thing until I read or learn it on, and my brother tries to make me understand what an aperture and ISO blah blah are, but that really makes me understand it until the next time I put my hands on it...!

Well I feel like there are other things in life to understand and it's better not to understand everything because somethings are better unsaid and misunderstood rather than scrubbing your mind on it.. hmm?

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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

{I love blur}

Hey pals, hoping for your good! I am extremely happy b'cuz bu today's exam went very well that is just because of the absence from here lol :p

Well you might say, "this picture isn't so good" But I say, this photo is a total jamp! Well it's blurred but that's me, my close-up. I usually don't add my photos on the blog so that there would be no element that can be misused, but adding a blur one isn't really a big deal? is it? well, I wanted you to have a look at a blurred close-up of mine.

Let's see.,

Well, it's my bad that I am not smiling and looking horrible probably but still take it on man!

until then.. blurr!

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Hey Peepos.

I have been thinking to take such picture, which elaborates everything about the sky... I think that there's no limits of thoughts and doings, but you know the good people have their limits, but the goodness itself is not limited! well the topic is not that but it serves oneself a good personality as clear heart as the blue sky is.

I have been hurt, you might have been too. And that is what I want to say that be nice, get nice; along with that my topic also says the person is me who can be your perfect friend as clear minded and heart as the blue sky is cleared.

Let's see if it is nice... and if you feel that it's clear what I want to say... :)

I adore this picture because this is so good according to me, the text reflects it! and especially the blue heading and the above photo are linked hehe =]

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Monday, 12 November 2012

{Pieces Apart!}

Hello peeepos! How are you doing? Sorry for this late post because of my exams that is a hassle I tell you. Well my exams are going well but I just can't find time to write down this all then studying and blah blah blah so I just finally sorted out some time outta my messy life and now I am going to post it so you may see that's next.

Sorry quite ridiculous the above text is ;p
Well, there's not so a theme in this post, but yeah I can tell you what's been tickling me now-a-days, I have been embracing problems since a few days ago and I don't even want to but sometimes, whatever happens is going to bring you some good too. Well have been messed up; exams, study, life routine has disgusted.

This is how my daily life serves to the compositions in it. Pieces apart!

...And along with it, I am happy too because of some other things happening around like my auntie is coming very soon and then we'll go for long nights and have joyous days! Will upload that too :p don't worry.

Well, actually to say, I don't even know that what am I doing because my senses are apart from themselves too. I can't find time for participating in other things that are happening around.

Well, hoping for your feed-backs and my good too.

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

{And Because We're Changed}

Hey lovely people. Wishing a good day.

Hope you all are doing good, I have recently made some changes in my room which are basically the DIY decorations with Origami. You might have heard about Origami, because this is something for which I am a total freak! (Not like that :p) I have made some things that are displayed in my room as a show piece.

The Origami is the work which I had done about a year ago, and for what I had done an Exhibition at my place (Sorry no pictures) a couple of days ago, that was supper!

 Everyone at my place loved that in which I had displayed the Art work (Drawings of Aiman) along with our Origami which included a crow we made, a ring case, a box, Kusudama, along with some unique vases and unique cups (real unique), and the display cards that I had made before, all together and the display was somehow an exhibition, on the 2nd partition of our house.

Well, too topic less talk. :P Now lets step towards what I had done in my room, I had displayed some special things to distract from the un-attractive features over there (yes there are some).

Let's see.,

And along with them there were some beautiful vases that had fascinated me towards them. Lets see.,

Well, if I would confess, then the truth is that I didn't have any good vases left so I used a unique cup and because the cup was left worthless unless someone would use it.

In there I have put some Origami flowers that I had made a couple of days ago., and there they went in too.

Okay, then I had made some pom poms, and then I hung them on the useless big lamp which stands beside our dressing.

I adore all of them, but this one is the first try ;) Well, then I took some of the flowers from the dressing vase into my vase (small one) the lilies of Origami, you gotta see it!

Then Some of the decorations for the birthday that I had done, had been implemented.

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My dressing which is been surrounded with the decorations more than the dress-up or make-up customs :p

Friday, 2 November 2012

{Because This Heart Speaks}

Hey Darls, hope you all are doing good I have been messed up since a few days because of my upcoming exams and that is such a hassle, you can guess. I am informing this to you because I wan't you to cool down because maybe I pause on my blogging stuff.

Adding another picture just because our tensions and suppression don't inform us before attacking, but just adding a picture to make you realize that this heart, my heart... speaks, it complaints that why is this happening around? even it's in my body but it does.

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