Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Happy Birthday Anya

Anya is TWO! :)
Hello people! This post, is for Anya, and her lovely birthday (it was 19 Feb). All that I want to say is that,

Anya Baby
Courtesy: Nataliya Khan.

She is daughter of Nataliya Khan, a photographer, a very lively mom and a very good friend of mine :)
I came to know Anya since I liked Nataliya's Facebook page which is awesome, looking at her pictures I discovered a very pretty little lady appearing in some of Nataliya's photos. Anya that is the only child of their parents and is as cute as anyone can be! I have often liked her pictures and commented about her and then I just actually could feel the love for her, like Unz&Ez the adorable children! and you might know her as well :) So because I love kids, so I feel a special relationship between us and that love ties us. Like I've never met Anya, never seen her in person, nor  heard her voice but still the warmth and love for kids is always the same for every kiddie.

Dear Anya, I name this post for you and want to say that there is somehow a good relationship that has tied between us by the wish of Allah (SWT) and I want to say that you are so cute, and pretty (I haven't seen your full photo lol) and attractive. The all activities that your mom post in her blog have your photos and your cute doings that inspire me a lot. Make me feel like talking to you... and meet you and just take you away! hehehe :) You are very good child and very polite one! I hope that you are not whining now as your mom posted in one of her posts. I hope that you are okay and you are living a very good life in America and your mom celebrated your last birthday as I could not reach your mummy's page back then. So I hope you shall have a very good day and I hope that you celebrated a belated birthday and may Allah (SWT) may shower the best bounties over you! and you and your family may stay in his safeguard. Wish you again a very happy belated birthday and may Allah bless you with more years, now you are TWO, may you live 2000 years girliee! Love you and love you always!

Your Sister;
Nejia Arif :))

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I am inspired lately

CIAO! Sorry people for my long absence from here, but I might be away for a few more days again because of the disaster that occurs in every student life "Exams". Yes, my exams are here on my nose and I am preparing for them so this is the precaution.

Well, despite being attacked by the exams phobia, I stopped doing many things, but not getting inspired! Yes! I am inspired by a lot of stuff! and I am about to share it! Maybe, I might be on here again in a couple of days, and add the inspired one stuff, but we shall see it. For now, I am inspired by a lot of Flickr stuff.
Instagram shots that are inspiring like this.
The yum in my tum like this.
The style I want like this.
Bokehlicious shots inspire me like this, this and this one.
Oh, the pretty words inspire me like this.
Yummy stuff that is just like this.
A beautiful sky shot like this.
A girlish thing like this.
A peace thing like this.
A pretty bunch'O flowers like this.
A windowsill I would like to have and the wall color I like, as this one.
A very pretty socks collection as well as the pretty shots like this.

I hope you are inspired like me, because these are very inspiring shots and stuff to get inspired from.

Till later, byeo.