Tuesday, 6 November 2012

{And Because We're Changed}

Hey lovely people. Wishing a good day.

Hope you all are doing good, I have recently made some changes in my room which are basically the DIY decorations with Origami. You might have heard about Origami, because this is something for which I am a total freak! (Not like that :p) I have made some things that are displayed in my room as a show piece.

The Origami is the work which I had done about a year ago, and for what I had done an Exhibition at my place (Sorry no pictures) a couple of days ago, that was supper!

 Everyone at my place loved that in which I had displayed the Art work (Drawings of Aiman) along with our Origami which included a crow we made, a ring case, a box, Kusudama, along with some unique vases and unique cups (real unique), and the display cards that I had made before, all together and the display was somehow an exhibition, on the 2nd partition of our house.

Well, too topic less talk. :P Now lets step towards what I had done in my room, I had displayed some special things to distract from the un-attractive features over there (yes there are some).

Let's see.,

And along with them there were some beautiful vases that had fascinated me towards them. Lets see.,

Well, if I would confess, then the truth is that I didn't have any good vases left so I used a unique cup and because the cup was left worthless unless someone would use it.

In there I have put some Origami flowers that I had made a couple of days ago., and there they went in too.

Okay, then I had made some pom poms, and then I hung them on the useless big lamp which stands beside our dressing.

I adore all of them, but this one is the first try ;) Well, then I took some of the flowers from the dressing vase into my vase (small one) the lilies of Origami, you gotta see it!

Then Some of the decorations for the birthday that I had done, had been implemented.

Thanks for stopping by!

My dressing which is been surrounded with the decorations more than the dress-up or make-up customs :p


  1. This idea is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee! <3 Love them.
    The pom-poms are awesome..How can u made it?
    The vase was cute <3 Love it! :)
    The origami is Fab! :)
    Awesome Naj! :)