Monday, 19 November 2012

{Bitter Sweet}

Hello peepos! Hope you are cheering up, I apologize for this late post, I know you might have got bored of seeing those older ones, so finally I got some matter to post on.

 YAY! I have got more equipment for my photography (not really) well you know that I don't do photography but just kinda, what you name it! ART WORK! Yep, I do art work and none of my pictures can be named as photography at all, because this thing can be done by some professionals because the camera is my brother's custody so I use it sometimes and just to give you high quality pictures of daily life, I capture pictures from a Digital SLR, otherwise there's really nothing that can name it as a most composed part of life.

Well most of the photography that I have seen isn't really what we call photography, it's what we call 'Art Work' and just because my brother has made the house a studio lol =p So I have got contact with speed lights, umbrellas, soft-boxes and other kinda portrait lenses and other equipment with almost no use of it by me! So I just kinda take pictures and then Photoshop or kinda light room it out =p

Well, We can't name it as photography as this field is kinda deep and interesting for those who can understand, exclude me =p because it's a truth that I really don't understand one thing until I read or learn it on, and my brother tries to make me understand what an aperture and ISO blah blah are, but that really makes me understand it until the next time I put my hands on it...!

Well I feel like there are other things in life to understand and it's better not to understand everything because somethings are better unsaid and misunderstood rather than scrubbing your mind on it.. hmm?

Sweet of you to stop by! Do again!


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    1. well I have visited your page a couple of times and I really say that what you are writing photography, wasn't what you meant. Please try not to make mistakes on the world wide blog, thanks for stopping by at mine.

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