Monday, 12 November 2012

{Pieces Apart!}

Hello peeepos! How are you doing? Sorry for this late post because of my exams that is a hassle I tell you. Well my exams are going well but I just can't find time to write down this all then studying and blah blah blah so I just finally sorted out some time outta my messy life and now I am going to post it so you may see that's next.

Sorry quite ridiculous the above text is ;p
Well, there's not so a theme in this post, but yeah I can tell you what's been tickling me now-a-days, I have been embracing problems since a few days ago and I don't even want to but sometimes, whatever happens is going to bring you some good too. Well have been messed up; exams, study, life routine has disgusted.

This is how my daily life serves to the compositions in it. Pieces apart!

...And along with it, I am happy too because of some other things happening around like my auntie is coming very soon and then we'll go for long nights and have joyous days! Will upload that too :p don't worry.

Well, actually to say, I don't even know that what am I doing because my senses are apart from themselves too. I can't find time for participating in other things that are happening around.

Well, hoping for your feed-backs and my good too.

Keep stopping by!