Sunday, 13 May 2012


#6: (Day 6): LIVE - And LIVE LONG!

See! This is life, Reflect what you are, live with whom you want to live with, do what you want, never feel guilty for what wrong you've done; after-all, worrying for it will not change how the way it was created! so LIVE, live LONG!

~ NAJ ~

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

DELIGHTS: Kay Sera Sera…

#5: (Day 5): Kay Sera Sera…
Kay Sera Sera...
Really! I really never ever cared for what on earth will happen, I just am focusing on which is currently happening… yeah, that’s what people die of thinking, that ‘’ OH MY MY! What is gonna happen here?’’ I used to behave anxiously on some incidents, when I thought things would go wrong, on that specified incidents, the things always went out-through marvelous! :D

     Often my friends criticized me about this habit, that it causes me to be anxious, and that’s bad for health, along with wealth! HAH! And often I didn’t go stupid and didn’t behave like this of thinking this phrase, kay sera sera… and believe me, this really influenced my habit!

     It makes nothing to be fretful and becoming tensed for such a matter or person, who doesn’t even take a short part of our life… it is just a waste of time, which never ever wait for anyone… rather than thinking for what is going to happen onwards, we should think and pass through what is happening right now…! This will not consume a lot energy I think…!

     Doctors often tell this anxiety can cause several diseases, often diabetes… well if you think of the troubles which WILL happen, you’ll forget the troubles you are already knotted into… and then you’ll be beaten by the current plights and can’t get out of them, just because a habit, of anxiety!

     According to Sean Covey: His passage from the 7 habits of highly effective teens says that: ‘’ I may make you; alas I may destroy you too.... Who am I? I am Habit!’’

     So, that is really I want to say, and my friends had criticized me to do is, leave out all the rest which will happen, just think about the current operation!

~Love From... 
~Najia Arif Sultan... 

DELIGHTS: People are like seasons...

#4: (Day 4) : People are like seasons...

People are the reflection of seasons,
They change in the same way,
They’re never constant,
They do often betray…

Sometimes, they’re like summer,
They act well so they flicker!
Sometimes they irritate us,
Sometimes they simmer!

They appear as winter too,
I’m Shocked that how they do!
They are often cool, to say!
But often they affray!

How do they become spring as well?
They bring flowers and bells!
The bells to annoy us,
And Flowers to mock marvelous!

And then they flip to be autumn,
They show they’re the common!
To be a conundrum, and absurd,
They feel like they are free as a bird!

So let’s tell them the rules to live,
The World is your closest relative,
Don’t pretend to be a season,
They come and everyone forgets it then…

To thee, thy ego is important,
The world has many of you abundant!
It doesn’t matter, if they all change,
Pretending to be a season, you look strange!

~Najia Arif Sultan~

Sunday, 6 May 2012

DELIGHTS: I Really Don't Hate you!

#3: (Day 3) : I Don't Hate YOU!

Of-course~! People may accept that, and ahan, you too!
... Yes, That's you~!


# 2 (Day 2) Success…!

A human soul, like me,
Dreams anything to let it be,

Some become a fact,
While others apart,

Some which become realities,
Have their own facilities,

That facilitates the person,
Who had dreamt it once,

As they had worked for it,
They got sufficient not a bit!

They deserved it ‘cuz they worked hard,
Some people think they've got it from a mart,

So tell them, it’s called success,
They couldn’t get it cuz they must be aimless!

~Najia Arif Sultan~

Friday, 4 May 2012

A Letter...

Mr. Anonymous Blogger,
          Hi how are you Mr. Blogger? I am Fine and Hoping that you are too J Well I thought to write you because I needed to discuss a serious topic with you about the people all round here, you know that we’re aren’t surrounded by innocent minds, there are some on the clever minds lingering around, they may be terrible and not so good for us.
The World is running, running to take the first place, leaving the stupid people away! And I am dubious about the people who are brilliant, who may step upon the others… I really am so confused about trusting, that to trust whom? You’re the only one with whom I can Share something, private or not; I really couldn’t find anyone till now who can be trustworthy, there’s all garbage here, but unfortunately, my six friends, the most trustworthy people for me in this world have been shuffled, how can I talk and share my talks with them? This is ME, who came in a great crowd to you to SHARE something, while others are letting it go, they’re getting ready to run to take their places! I hope for the best of you and mine. Take care!
Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Najia Arif Sultan…

DELIGHTS: Ice Lolly!

First day of my header, DELIGHTS! The most unforgettable, mischievous, dotty-ditty tasks I did in my whole day! Is under the header, DELIGHTS!

# 1 (Day First) Ice lolly = so this is a new discovery in my blog, that I have decided to reflect all my day task here (specific) so, welcome my new discovery! To NajSultan BLOG~!

As You read the topic, ''ICE LOLLY'' This is to the relation of the most sweetest task I did today! I have made ICE TOFFEE in my fridge that was too cool and awesome! The idea arrived in my mind from that, yesterday, I had an Ice Cream, I ate it, then I went to my Cousin’s room, there she was lying on the bed unlamented because of something wrong had happened that’s why her lively mood was off; I lied on the bed too, and told her that I had Ice Cream, just then, from the word ICE CREAM, a thought arose in my mind, that I used to watch a program for teenagers, which was named as ‘’ BIG BANG ‘’ In that show, they made uproarious, mind-blasting, dazzling, dotty (Sometimes) things! 

Including to one of those things, they had made Ice lolly /toffee whatever it was, but the lip-smacking stuff it was! They had made it with different flavors, but I could avail the sugar suspension only, and my cousin had put some cola, we had put it to freeze until it was frozen, it was approx 45 minutes ago it was semi-ready, we took it out and had put the bamboo sticks to the centre of it, then back to the freezer… and after 1 hour, we took it out, and licked it and finished it!!

Now I have put a flavored diluted juice, TANG; you may know. So, my Ice lolly is right now in the fridge by the same procedure and now I have to check it out, see you later, and if it tasted, AWESOME! Then I’d tell you Even my cousin, had left a comment on that '' You made my DAY NAJIA! even my mood was off because we had cancelled our program of going to my grandma's home, but this is berrilicious! Thank you yarrr! '' I wish I could leave a better compliment in the wish to answer her, but that was all that I SMILED and I was DEVASTATINGLY,  INCREDIBLY HAPPY! see you later J

The one and only,

The stupid,

Najia Arif Sultan…


DIS-APP-OINT-MENTS: A thing which happens, times! And also leaves you a part of it too..
I've suffered from it.. And only those know, who have experienced it... Some of the disappointments, which really disappoint you... I dunno that they really do or not, but I am sure that they are labelled as disappointments;

  •  When you were a child, you used to go to the bakery to fetch some bread, just then you have a look at the dark chocolate, you take it, show persistence, take it home, then you taste it, it actually had a bitter aroma, did you get something? Each bit you eat of it, it leaves you a bitter disappointment.
  • When you play a lot with a certain balloon, then you must have a know how about it that it can't take too long, and alas it bursts, leaves you a disappointment. 
  • Your major habits make you alas they destroy you too, First of them is biting your nails, you bite them a lot, then you have a stomach ache, you are disappointed.
  • When you are destroyed, every-one leaves you by just a single element ''BEHAVIOUR'  you ask your self '' Oh dayumh! Why this happens with me always?'' You're disappointed.
  • When you do not study in your examination days, you leave behind a reason that '' I am all done with it'' then you don't get good grades, and then you have the worst ever expression, you are very disappointed.
  • When you tell others not-to do bad deeds and that's wrong.. blah.. blah, then you do the same thing he/she did, the person points you and say '' HUH! '' you're really ashamed and disappointed.
  • When you hear something, exaggerate it, pass it to someone else, and the chain goes on. one day the real matter emerges, you're responsible and very disappointed.
  • While eating water melon, you are always supposed to spit-out the seeds, but if by mistake, you crush them with your teeth, it leaves a bit of bad taste, but a lot of disappointment! 

Life is not a pleasure friends! You have to live it... with-out the disappointment, or with-it, you choose! 

One and only,

Najia... Arif... Sultan.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

'Pressures of growing up’

'Pressures of growing up’
'A Dedication to 'Teenagers'

In the life, we suffer from great grieves... after all that's what we call growing up and that's what we all are living for, the pushing and pulling forces in our life, push us upwards, but somehow push us downwards too. But we never ever should mind all that... after all we all have to suffer the pressures of growing up.

We should develop or adopt some special features to help us overcome the obstacles in our life, in our teenage; we get to know some people who will play with us, real scoundrels you know! And we'll be screwed too. But if we want to life a successful life in an unsuitable environment, then we'll definitely have to become smart, GROW UP!
The features, you need to develop to become a successful teen are following:

  • Do not lie to your parents
  • Have limited hangouts
  • Follow your parents and their rules
These are the three steps, or phases, just THREE! And I can get that we can download 4 things at a time, then what’s adopting 3 features, well I believe that’s not enough. There should be more, as much as I think.

Some teenagers need a lot of will-power to be constant in their beliefs, or their parents’; this supports me because it clarifies everything. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. I may tell you why I wrote it, as when you grow up, you come to know World, and then the other consequences of life, then you become attracted towards them as you get stick to your friends etc; so you keep making your belief on your other activities, but still you have a bank account with is tied in your parents’ fingers, the relationship bank account, each time you deposit a +ve thought, you see your parents getting happy and older and as you grow up, your parents see you fed up, and wiser; but you know, that they are your parents, you still are attracted to them, it’s natural we say! Yep! That’s how you stay constant with will-power and won’t-power is to the other social circle activities so you stay close to your parents. To girls (except me) they never see their growing tips of nails rotting, one day they will know what exactly that was! CARELESSNESS!!!!

Life may take you to a prolong journey, where you may retain, rot, fed up, etc! But still, life will take its revenge from you that you had rotten it, now it will rot you! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha.
Guys GROW UP, GROW UP, GROW UP!!! Have a faith in yourself, the best thought about your own perfection is that never let anyone or anything put you down...! GO ON!
People ask me,’’ Life is HARD, I say: ‘Compared To what?’’ So Grow up, take this chance, and make... yourself!

Have to do a lot see you then.

Well Wisher
Sincerely yours,
A Teenager,
Najia... Arif ... Sultan.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

''A Handful of Memories''

A Handful of Memories…
An unexpected end…

Dedicated to some of the very special people…

Not a long time ago, since we six met, behaved like strangers, talk a lot less magically, not so friendly, but just then past months ago, I felt like there’s someone, to whom I can share my thoughts, and have an equal thinking having mutual habits and manner of living… and had a strong thought about that these will always be there, whenever I call them…! Except that too, whenever I need you or not, you’ll always be asking about me…

I could never understand that person, who said a true friend is the one who helps you whenever you are in trouble, wrong! After all, friendship isn’t conditional’’

It’s a saying by me, for all those who really think that so – You six were the only friends, I found beside me, when I was hopeless to find someone for me… Sometimes we pouted at each other, fight, cry and all that,  but we solved each others’ problems and always took a sigh of relief after our accomplished missions, I am really gonna miss those times when we were all together, and specially when we got-together at our places.

Some times in our life will come when we’ll gonna realize that our lives have been changed by a glimpse and blink of an eye... we’ll miss this period of time when life didn’t change us, we came to explore it completely and carve out a new product for our prosperity…

We had so much fun when shared our things and behaved like there was nothing in this world like us, we were often criticized, claimed to be cheeky and those who spoil themselves L but what to do, we are flourished in the best way by our parents and that’s why we are the favorites of every-one – INDEED! (Sound Proud).

And now what a time we are facing, we are going to be divided... ne’er gonna meet again, or by chance, if our fortune doesn’t leave an excuse... The pleasures which we enjoyed are ne’er met elsewhere... and I promise! I’ll never forget you six... I hope you’ll do too...

So, we shall meet soon, good madam... after all, w can’t live without each other for a long time J so... If I ever hurt you by mistake or really, and you remember... forgive me dears... sweeties...

My Friends, a crossword made by me...
Forget-me-not... Believe me; I’ll ne'er forget you guys... OH NO! Gumdrops... J You’re gonna offer me some chocolates, or I will J Forgive your enemies, and leave them behind, there are a lot of people who walk into you lives J Believe me; it was all about you... and yours... memories...

Always praying for you SIX...

Your Well-wisher,

Najia Arif Sultan...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

-Our Society Affected by Dual Faced People-

-Our Society Affected by Dual Faced People-

-Dual Faced People-
''I hate two faced people. It's so hard to decide which face to slap first''

Woah...! Well-Said man...! This is what I call... Pure Profanity of the bad mark! That is why we all are so unjust, and never so true and pure. That's what happens to us as the way we are and we behave.

The world has been speciallized by the not-so-cool-dual-faced-people. what do they think? They'd become nice to breaking dawn and bad at the horrid darks?

Being a human, we feel so proud and feel intelligent living being out there, everywhere. But as soon as you grow up, you actually come to know what the world really difines society as; This word means that the group of people living together having two faces, one for themselves and other one for the others.

During the time period of my childhood, my elders always told me that ''Kid, never have a thought in mind by which the society gets affected negatively'' And I never did so, but as soon as I grew up, I came to discover the environment, and what did I get? Two Faced People, Black Hearts, Negative Thoughts Blah.. Blah... Blah.

When You and I came on this Earth, we were just told that A Stands For Apple, and B Stands For Ball, nothing much more, but when I grew up, met some people and saw that how they're really satisfied in this environment, they are real Backstabbers, Liars, Betrayers... And that's how they're living, one faced which is quite calm and charming to the world, and back-then, Evil to themselves, planning to ditch someone again.

The Pride of having ruling the hearts of people at a certain place and time, then afterwards having another plan to screw someone. Saying bad words about someone to you will always remind you that, the person who is delivering these words to you about someone may have been saying the same thing about you in a backstabbing manner.

Bribes and corruption gives a lot examples to you about the unjust with the people of the world and the fast change in the minds of the people of the world. Most people are fluent in three languages, sarcasm, profanity, backstabbing.

''That's what they were told in their childhood'' Some people become bad to the retina of the society by bad deeds and the people usually point of their parents that "what a lot of wasted time, if they'd rise him/her up nicely, they won't get to see this day"

That's also what I call Dual-minded or two faced people, always have been negative!One thing to say that people are not told all this because every one's parents have been thinking of their children. They adopt and adapt to live in an unsuitable environment.

Well, not much to say that if we really want peace and comfort in the society, then we'll have to apply the new theme in our minds of equal thinking and action. And say good-bye to comment passing and negative thoughts and EVIL. that's the only way to refine our environment and get the Master Pieces.

Some words for the dual faced people, a poem written by me..

I hate being dual faced, I want to be like a star
Dual faced people are bad, they never show what they are

They Betray, Lie and  do bad things like this
They never are good, and have very evil wishes

They talk behind backs which is called ''backstabbing''
They can fake to be good, and well do clapping

I'll always pray to God to show them the right way
So they'll  be good, and from bad things, they'll stay away...!

Have to go more perfect, see you later.

Regards and love from :

Najia Arif Sultan...