Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hey there. How’d you do? As I was going through some old pictures of mine that I have shared on my instagram, so I thought to just share this stuff with you people and as I am out of topics right now for this situation that is being.

So, I wanted to share those photos with you so that you’d have an idea of what I did and this would become a little post on how my days went on when I didn’t blog at all :)

• Sketching:

iba    Untitledaswq

I eventually developed some good sketching skills (no favoring myself :p) and came the idea in my mind to sketch and draw whatever comes in my mind and so I drew two of these given above.

• Hairstyling:

Untitledps    w

I believe that hairstylists are one of those luckiest people on Earth who actually know how to tackle with their hair! And so I started to endeavor into this stuff, no I don’t want to be a hairstylist but I want to be eligible enough to style hair myself ^^. Then I started watching videos and other tutorials to help myself out with different styles.


Untitledh    Untitledyaq

I started using VSCO CAM that is amazing. I took a photo of our hose (left) and my cousin’s apartment (right) and applied vsco on it. I took a couple of photos like that and it is so so so addictive that I can’t tell you.

• Cooking:

g    Untitledj    Untitledl   

Apart from other things, I got a couple of chances to bake and cook. Though I couldn’t avail all the chances to make food, but I made some pancakes, and they tasted amazing. This photo of the pancake is from the winters when I made these for supper with honey and tasted delicious. The other two photos are of the cupcakes that I made a couple of days ago, these were amazingly yummy; the triple-berry cupcakes. Yum.

• Word Searching:


And the favorite thing to do in those days was word search! Yeah, my cousin got me this book with really amazing word search games. Got addicted with that woah!

• Selfies:

Untitled.jpg2    roo    Untitledy    Untitled8

And the most loved thing – I took a lot of selfies. LOL. I just love taking selfies.

So this was the highlights of the things that I did when I didn’t blog here. Hope that you people got refreshed and now are enjoying reading this all.

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It’s been a LONG time

Hey there you reader. I am extremely sorry for my long absence from here and even I couldn’t notify about it. My last post was about 10 months ago and I can’t describe how much busy my days went and the blog was ignored a lot. I know it was a very peculiar dead blog since the day I stopped writing here and then couldn’t comeback in touch. However, now I am back so be ready for exciting posts :)

As Ramadan are coming, so I guess I will start my days in photos project once again like I did last year in Ramadan but life got harder and I couldn’t post more, so I think that I should start it from the first of Ramadan.

If Allah wills, you are going to see lots of more stuff on my blog related to my life other than those posted last year. I bet you’re gonna love it :)

See you soon,

Thanks for dropping by.