Friday, 2 November 2012

{Because This Heart Speaks}

Hey Darls, hope you all are doing good I have been messed up since a few days because of my upcoming exams and that is such a hassle, you can guess. I am informing this to you because I wan't you to cool down because maybe I pause on my blogging stuff.

Adding another picture just because our tensions and suppression don't inform us before attacking, but just adding a picture to make you realize that this heart, my heart... speaks, it complaints that why is this happening around? even it's in my body but it does.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good :)
    by the way,have a look on my blog please! And give me feed-back on it! :)

  2. Very nice:)
    Hey have a look at my photography page on facebook
    Its Sumera Naveed Photography. Cant send u the link cos using my ipad :)

    1. Thank you sumera! I saw you visited my blog the first time :) Thank you much love, thanks for stopping by :) Do stop by again! :)