Thursday, 30 August 2012

{Love You Canon}

Hey pals,

How have you been doing? Well I have been going to school and stressed a lot! But at that time of distress and disgust, I capture and post also :) So, some of the snaps that I took are here! there.. we .. go..!


A dedication to my old camera.

Dear Canon,

Thanks a lot for arriving into our lives and making our fingers make you focus, then click and I always liked to handle you with care, change your lens but now, we're falling apart, just because I've got a new friend, Nikon :p and I hope that it fills our lives better than you did :) ;) best of luck!

So, finally we got here, these are those last snaps that I took from my EOS 550D. Now next some pictures will be taken In Sha Allah from the D3200. 

Till then, have a look at these to fulfil your appetite, will be giving glances of nikon.

Thanks for having a look!


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

{Adorable Person}

Hey, sorry for that prolong absence, got a bit caught up in my schedules.
    By the way, sharing some new pictures, hope you'd love the glimpse of an adorable person!

Well, her name is Ansharah, Ansharah Iqbal: My brother's daughter and pro'ly the most loveable person around us, who fills and colours our world! there we go!

I call her Gol! and sonpari! 

Ma-Sha-Allah Well, hope that you liked her and may give me feedbacks! :)

Thanks for having a look!


Friday, 17 August 2012

{What's in: day 01}

Hey guys I have started a new post type, the routine ones, have to post something what's in my schedule these days, so there we go.

  • Woke up for sehri near 4:00 am.
  • Walked to the wash-room and then to the dinning room all with my eyes shut to have sehri .
  • Had sehri then did my ebolution for fajr.
  • after the prayers, we all went back to sleep while my baba went to masjid.

  • woke up as a part of our schedule when the power goes off.
  • wandered to the dinning then to the sitting room then to upstairs to my uncle's place in my night dress.
  • I was actually feeling the fast.
  • talked to my taayi felt good anyway. Talked about random things, solved the magazine riddles.
  • then as soon the power came back, we felt better and then back to my place and then sat there read my novel until my brother came we turned on the computer until our baba came back from his agency.
  • he went back and I went for a shower, wore new clothes because today was jummat ul vidah.
  • prayed and then went to my taya's place to have some shots with an adorable person.
  • then back to our place, felt really lethargic and dull, wanted to sleep but couldn't.
  • got bored, wandered around my house.
  • until it was Asr - prayer time so I did my prayers.
  • then later on, followed by the couch, supported by the cushion and read a book and fell asleep.
  • woke up instantly for Iftaar.
  • had my meal then I prayed and then in the room.
  • later on my cousins were here so spent some time with them.
  • read a book, followed to the bed.
  • turned out the lights near 11:30.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

{Unless someone like you care a whole awful lot, nothing's going to be better, its not}

{Things seem empty since past few days of June and July, my niece and nephew were here, they kept me indulge in things, a warm and happy breakfast, then jokes, talks, sleepovers, sharing, an enormous part is love, they went away, things seem emptier now}

Thanks for having a look.


{These feet and me}


So, long I've been loving shots of feet, that gives a very decent look to the picture...

well, some of them from past days are below;

{Love feet}

Thanks for having a look!


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

{What I am reading these days}

Hey lovelies! adding a diptych about my book, okay that's from my course :D

Well, sure have a look!

A pic while sitting beside the book and the name of the book! This book is of my course, well I'll read it, its still unread, whenever I do, I'll update you with the review :)

Thanks for having a look.


POTD: {You may go and seek for the world in you}

Another photo of the day, along with thought of the day!

There we go...

That's not our teacher who teaches us, that're not our parent who rise us up, that they're very helpful indeed, but that's our own skill to get matched-up with them, we can't go on without our own wish. so, we better go, and seek for the world in ourselves.

Thanks for having a look.


{Some times I find it really hard to choose}

Hey people, how are you all? Hope that you're good! adding some more collages, because I've been reckless without adding them.. arrghhh! well, there we go!

I don't know whether they're supperrrbbb or not, but I would love to know! So, please tell! 

Thanks for having a look...


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

{Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm}

Sharing another picture... hopes alive...

These feet are mine, lol. :D wel, hope that you'll like the picture and may comment. :)

Thanks for having a look.



Now, Collage time!

Made a bit, for women, a collection of women quotes, really inspired by her collages.

I hope that you'll like these :)

Thanks for having a look! 

; {Naj}

POTD: {Tradition}

The pic, I love the most! and that's how I click, you know that! and this is the POTD! I was making this a diptych, and I love this picture, thinking to frame it as a whole!

Found an old suit of my childhood, the shararah, of my brother's wedding and my hands and mind started to work instatntly, don't know how!

One of the best photos of my clicks! simply love it!

Thanks for having a look!

; {Naj}

Monday, 13 August 2012

POTD: Bokehlicious {If Only You Knew}

{If only you knew}

Another POTD! OMG, I love it! Hope that the bokeh will inspire you too! 

This is a fab! I am in love with the bokeh, and that's not an intended picture I tell you! I was trying to focus something, and it turned out to be like this...
My my! I had no idea that how on Earth this clicked! and I had no idea that the pic I was trying to click will give me this outcome! well, I am really happy because I love bokeh! 
 I hope that too, you may like the picture, and give me a feedback! 

Anyways, thanks for having a look! 

; {Naj}

{ ♥ }

Sharing some more collages, I'll scan some more whenever I find time... but till then, these are enough, okay rules! 3 collages at a time! Right? So, hope that you will like these also...


{ ♥ }

{Life is like a bus}

Thanks again, give me your comments and I would love the hear a feedback I wonder for. :)

; {Naj}

{Collage Love}

Something cheesy about my collages! lol! But I am not praising myself. Just saying that I have worked a lot for them because I don't have such pictures to collage, I however managed them, from her blog  My inspiration stroke, and it strikes every time! lol, she's so talented! 
       What I do is that I'll post 3 collages at a time or three pictures or less.

       One of the inspirations are below... 

{My piece of sky}


{Nothing, but your choices}


{Your know, when we say it, we mean it}

Well, I don't think so these are Very marvellous or sensational! but still, whatever it is, a part of my {curly brackets}!

By the way, thanks for having a look! 

; {naj}

Sunday, 12 August 2012

{Part of Me}

That's a part of me, and I love that pic!

{That's me}

I hope, that you liked a piece of me! :)

Thanks for having a look! 

POTD: {Her hands, and her bag}

Good day friends! sharing a Photo of the day today, the POTD, hope that you'll like that.

a very special one, I took this in love of my bag!

And I love this one, because this one's a clear shot, a well focused, and of-course, my handbag! That's making my pic the perfect! 

Thanks for having a look!

{Real Life or Art}

Hey guys, uploading another photo about my photography :) Have a look below! 

This is a photo captured by me from the book "The seven Habits Of highly Effective Teens" - Sean Covey.
And, this is what our life reflects... 
A very possessive photo of my clicks, that really makes my day when I see it!

Thanks for having a look! 

{Sadness ~ Emptiness}

{Captured this pic a few months ago, thought to share this one too, my brother uploaded it on his photography page on Facebook {Ali Anas | Photography}as he's a very talented photographer, and sometimes I work as his model, or helper, so that was the inspiration and I started clicking! :)

{Thanks for having a look}


Hey, How are you doing guys? I am writing after a long, long time, just for updating you all that, I am starting a new corner, The photography corner! and along with some DIYs and Collages and all! So see you soon with my POTDs and all! What will I do is that I will post my photography, some DIY works that I do (along with the external links) and I like! So, stay tuned to the white corners!

; Naj.