Sunday, 25 November 2012

{I feel the first time, everytime}

Hey people, I was thinking from a few days that I should upload a picture and post something which emphasizes our nature, which praises the creator of it.

This picture is just nothing, but blurred. Just this morning I woke up and felt the beauty in the air and the atmosphere, the morning is clear, shinning like our hopes are and the wind is blowing and blowing... I loved when I tip-toed out of the room and started working for the upcoming exhibition at my place and then started DIY-ing but then I came to realize that this scenario which has been created since a few hours ago, was never like this before! The bounties of the nature show us the generosity of the creator, that each person he created differs from another, the prints on their hands, the color of their hair, difference in their temperament & everything!

Similarly, the weathers he created, each differs from one another, there's one which makes the sun brighter and makes our days prolonged, while one is reducing our days by cold breezes, spring brings happiness and greenery around, whereas autumn is opposed of spring, which brings lots of pale brown orbs in our garden.

Nothing is picked apart from praising, we praise and we thank for the bounties that He has bestowed on us, we should be thankful for the beauty of the nature and .... of ourselves.

I hope you loved the post.

Do stop by again!

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