Sunday, 25 November 2012

{Love them kiddies}

Love them kiddies, I tell you whenever they visit our house, the whole house enlightens, they are my cousin's children and I am their aunt (quiet silly, but yes) and I love them, the warmth for kids and the love provided by me is all the same, but the kinship is been going on and these two are just the most loved children of our house.

I told you about my niece Ansharah, you might know her as well because I have uploaded her pictures a couple of times and have introduced her to you so you are familiar to her, so I thought to share some other compositors of our life.. She is also the apple of our eyes, but these two children are the most and the most loved ones because they were first born then Ansharah came in this world and touched our hearts, but they were and are the most loving kids of our time, you can't imagine the warmth of love of the people for them! and besides, they are the most deliberate speakers and well-mannered children that I have ever met across! That is just another reason to love them, believe me.

Their naughtiness lies in their eyes but the cuteness lies in every tread they take forward! I feel just so beautiful and lucky to have such people NOT AROUND our house, but somewhere in our hearts! They have impressed and have taken every thing that belongs to us, including our hearts, our souls, our love and the warmth and cute smiles that emerge on our mouths when they impress us by their cute doings! and every mischief has cuteness and innocence enclosed within it!

I hope you would love them too, let's see if you like them by the text above which modifies and emphasizes them. What if you meet them!

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