Friday, 28 September 2012

{Birthday Girl}

Hey hey hey! so there's the birthday girl! Sorry it's too late to be there but it was my birthday on the Th of September. I acknowledge that I couldn't put up it's pictures and journalling over here son enough but what so ever, that here now. I really love my family to make me feel important, secondly that's just so special when your Dad of your Mom greet you, your birthday and they make you feel that they value the day when the first time I cried and my Mom was happy! So life continues this cycle and you have to be someone in other's eyes so that they worth you, never make you feel like worthless! and So happy I am that I was born on this day and happy because that my parents still do cherish this day after 13 lovely years! Doesn't that mean so much? Now let us see that what did I do with the decoration case... 

I was really happy that I decorated some stuff first ever time in my life because some stuff already done and packed up and then posted up on the high walls just bothers me, I like them when they are hand made... So that is it...

Hope you loved this little creation of mine :)

Come again to explore :)


Monday, 17 September 2012

{These Days & Me} a mini... a journey of twenty twelve...

Hey pals! What-sup? Hope you all are doing really well! 

A couple of weeks ago, I had been working on some inspirations... the MINI BOOK, you might have not heard about that before, if yes then it would be super fun introducing it to you all! I had started working on it in the month of June but the prototype wasn't so good and my thoughts about making it a fab were stood there, still...

My heart was really broken when I looked at the one with despair! and threw my hands in despair too, but one day I made it by the heart of mine, my hands started working on it and there we go for some glances!

The mini book, These days and me... And it's really thick! next photos very soon...

Thanks for visiting, come again with brighter hopes :)


Sunday, 16 September 2012

{POTD: Boredom & Sunday}

Hey people! Sorry for the long absence from here, had been really caught up in other things. Now wanted to take a picture of my daily life, there we go!

Those lazy Sundays, and really boring day, I don't understand people who say that Sundays are enjoyable, I never found it interesting that sitting on the couch, taking at someone's back, having a cup of tea, and thinking to get a better life than this.

Thanks for adding a bit joy to my Sunday...


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

{Miss you EOS}

:) Hey all.. 

Missing my old camera, the EOS 550D, and I remember once I took a picture of its 'EOS' and that was just so peaceful picture! I love it every time I see it, so I thought to share it for you to see it too ;)

The yellow is my shirt, that I wore on Jumma-tul-Vida'.

Hope that you liked it :)

Thanks for having a look;


INFO: {Jumma tul vida is the last Friday of the holy month of ramdan}

Friday, 7 September 2012

{Babies Love}

Hey people, what'sub? hope you are are having a well time tackling with your lives.. hehe! So, here I am going to post a session of two lovelies of our house, Ansharah & Abdullah... they are siblings, and so loving! you might get my point here that we love both of them because of their cuteness! and Ansharah is the beginning and the end of cuteness! OMG I love her! acutally both of them. So, let's have a look at their photo...

There we go... 

Hehehe! I love this picture so much! And look at Ansharah, she is laughing! OMG soooooo cute! Thanks for having a look!


{Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it}

Hola Amigos! going to add a super-duper-rocking picture! And I am really excited to add it! So, lets see, that's is my brother with me {the person for whom I do photography and modelling for photography} so, let's have a look!

Hehehe... me and my brother, hope that you liked this picture ~ and may give me a good response of it... hmm...

Thanks for having a look...


{Sleeping Beauty}

Hey fellas... what's up? well adding some pictures of the sleeping beauty.. when She was sleeping on the EID day, I captured her picture, and believe me, that is just so peaceful.

And I really found this picture peaceful and so it is graceful... even a single orb has it's own beauty! 

Thanks for having a look..


Thursday, 6 September 2012

{She's my dear}

Hey hey hey! fellows what's up? And how are you doing? Well adding some pictures of a cutest girl, Ansharah, you know her well. So, this is Ansharah, my dear!

 She's looking at the lights in our kitchen :)

 AND! She's having a gum-rubbing habit as she might get her teeth very soon!
 Her cute lil feet!
 That's so good picture! her feet.. omg they are just edible!
 And her hands... I am a fond of them...

 We all love her and that's why, actually her old pictures got a very good response here on blog... so I thought to add more of this little brat! 

Thanks for having a look!


{POTD: Baba}

Hey guys, what's up? I hope you all are doing good and so am I, well I have collected a lot of pictures and wanting to post them all... so lets see, this is a picture of my BABA, sincerely he's my inspiration because he has been a professional photographer in his young life in the Japanese Cultural Centre, Karachi! And that's how the photography phobia entered in my brother's life and so in mine - So this is the most handsome person's picture that I've ever seen, sincerely NOT captured by me, but my photographer brother and his Page which got a quite response of this picture, so I thought to add one picture of my BABA...

And you guys know what? This is a candid shot, he was looking at something inside the oldies of his pro life cams, and my brother captured it, looks so good, even though he's still pro, if not then whatever! I don't care! He'll still be my HERO! 

Thanks for having a look...


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

{Letter-ology - Day 02}

Hey pals! how are you doing all the way? remember the letter-ology project? It's just another day to catch it up.. lets have a look...

OMG!! This letter made me read it more when I read it on the first time! I mean that the flow of her handwriting has just stuck on my mind! I can't forget her words! even writing and reading and E-mail doesn't pleases me than this handwritten stuff called a LETTER! I am really loving it.. and the person.

Thanks for having a look...


{POTD: Hands on Nikon}

Yo there! Finally, after my canon experience, God wanted me to try on something more better than that, and HE provided me a Nikon D3200!

And how can anything be more special than having what you wanted?! so, this is a glance of what I will use to capture, more pictures coming soon!

Thanks for having a look by the way!


Sunday, 2 September 2012

{Letter-ology - Day 01}

Some people and things are unforgettable ... and there's always a person whom you miss and want to stay in touch with... and there is always no or some reason behind the missing... and there's someone in my life too who is been missed every second, my Phuppo   and that's why I write letters to her.

 There's been a long time ago... well you would say that definitely that, there's a long time people suffered from that, but now there's a technology of writing E-mails and all that but still my heart has stopped at how the people wrote letters... and how the happiness occurs when I receive a letter and how would they have been expressing when they do receive my letters... and that is how I wanted to share some letters the old way of expressing your love and time for the people you write and love. 

I had thought that whenever I tend to send a letter or receive one, then I'd upload the pictures here so that would be a project, a Letter-ology project what say? I discovered it right here when you're all reading it... so I am going to upload the first letter picture that my Phuppo sent me, I can't upload the one that I wrote because it's already sent but next time I'll upload before posting it.

There we go for the first letter that I received:

She Wrote:

Oh my god, I loved it the first time and the last time, every time I read it it was as pure and as lovely as the last lovely thing on Earth and I love it and the person who sent  it.

Thanks for having a look!


{What's in my bag}

Hey hey hey! Have been thinking so post some inspiration, by her things and her idea to do this, and really, that's too cool! I thought to give it a try, well the idea has become a reality which makes me dance! Hehehe! And there we go for the pic! 

PS: The quality sucks because it's a pic from my cell phone :/
Okay, hmmm now, I'll introduce you that the bag contains wipes, watch, letters from people, a hand-to-hand file for important notes, along with my money clutch, minibook, a perfume, a holder (bag) for my pins and stuff, a book to read, a bottle of lotion, lip balm, pens and pencils, and sunglasses! 

So, this was my bag, and thank you so much for having a look!