Monday, 13 May 2013

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Hey you. Hope you are good and living freely in the open environment and problem free life. Flourishing through the meadows!

I am being too lazy to add a post about something because I haven't any collected stuff to post so I ramble and post awkward things (lol).

I wanted to tell that I have created my Twitter and Instagram and if you want to catch me up there, you have the link: Najsultan - Twitter.
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Sunday, 5 May 2013

{This Heart}

Hey everyone, hope you all are good, as I had told you about my holidays before the new session of my 9th grade iA, I had planned so many things to do in these holidays and so I had added them in my wishlist and my wishlist had this project.

I had brought some equally sized card sheets (rectangular) approx. 8" in length and breadth 6.5", and I knew that I have to do something with these! So I thought that I should make something that I think of doing and that was, obviously done with newspapers.

Me, holding the pattern

In this photo, you can see that this sheet is rectangular and I made borders with red and black, and then what I had to do was to cut the hearts from any newspaper. Here I chose newspapers because I wanted a colorless theme over here and what I found and the most available at home was indeed newspapers, I wanted the colorless theme because I wanted to put an individual red and 2 or 3 pink pieces of newspaper. 

I added 4 in a row, so that because it was fixing the best on it and then I added a pink one in the first row, the red on in the second row and another pink one in the third row. You can see a very light pink on the top of the second row too.

I added the  pink shaded deliberately because the whole grayish theme wouldn't look so cool so, I thought that I have to add something that will support the red one.

I pasted all the hearts and ta da!

Now I am thinking to display it somewhere in my room or maybe I have plans for tomorrow? who knows? :)

Happy making!

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Friday, 3 May 2013

{I LOVE: 'Vivid Please'}

Yay. The first day of this series. I am so excited about it, and I hope that you are too!

So, I LOVE Vivid Please. Basically, vivid please is a blog and the name VIVID, is the merged name for Vicky and David as the two awesome and one of my favorite bloggers have said that they are partners and are usually incomplete without each other and they complete each other so their name is from that sense, when the name here is so interesting, then how much the two souls are! :)

Their blog is based on lifestyle and DIYs and the creativity and to inspire others through their lives. I love their blog because simply in my words, they are too sweet of the ego! Their each post is dissolved in tenderness and creativity that wins the heart! Their posts bring smiles to our faces.

How I Met Them:

I was searching for some good DIY and I thought that I can find some good at their blog, and I entered the blog and I got dissolved over there! It was peace and very beautiful words and lively photos.
The reason for liking their blog is that their creativity and DIYs are so awesome and one of my favorite post from their history are thisthisthis and this along with this and this one was the reason behind my daily stopping. And many more...

They also sell their stuff on etsy and there you go Etsy - VividPlease.
They are on Pinterest as well and there you go Pinterest - VividPlease.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and also please please please do visit their blog though that they won't respond to your comment till the 9th of may,as they are off to Hawaii now a days but they add the best posts regarding to their trip.

Hope that you are willingly to visit their etsy and blog and Pinterest and also love their work like I do.

Do not miss this series! More coming over.

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Update - "I Love" - New Series

Hey all. Sorry for the long absence from here because finally my exams have been finished and I am so over this blogging stuff.

All I wanted to do was to update you with something that I am going to start a new series named as "I LOVE" in which I will feature my favorite blogger/person/anyone and let you know about them. The topic will circulate around the relevant subject (the person or blogger or blog or website etc) and I tell you that you'll have fun.

I hope that you all have fun around with this new series that was so on my mind and the real cherry on the top is that I have got a lot to feature ;)
Do not miss it!

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