Monday, 19 November 2012

Dear Joy!

Dear Joy,

You are the most wanted thing in the world, I wanted you since the day when I was born, but you gradually and eventually, I realized you've gone short, and grew shorter and shorter, now I have almost no part of you. But still, I believe you would return to me because a human heart is the only better place which worth your presence and hates your absence, you might be only one, or might be too many little ones, we never assumed you either you are a superior piece, or little small one, but still, I want you to glow in heart once again.

 As you came by at the doorstep, I slammed the door. Maybe I did what was was right according to me but it wasn't so good to you, come by, wave me and wake me up and tell me I am NOT the saddest person in the world. Please come by.

Thanks for stopping by!

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