Tuesday, 4 December 2012

{It's still, and lovely}

The weather is changing and I am feeling quite uncomfortable to walk to the computer room from the blanket and post on, colder breezes (quite unusual) and windy days are following and the viral diseases like influenza and other are giving a profound effect of our health, hope you all are safe.

Along with the breezes, I have my project portfolios running together too :s Gawd it's so annoying for us and for the teachers irrelevant to the subject of which the portfolio is, of course! I am distracted and too confused an irritated by the portfolio and the most important thing which is the cherry on the top that is we have two portfolios running together! and I am feeling so stressed out so I just thought to kinda post on!

Well, life running together with two fastest things, the weather is also fast and indeed we are too, but this heart, it's always the same. It is constant, unchangeable, like I have met many people in life, some of them are still inside it some are thrown out, but still! It's never changing! I believe on the power of one's heart to control one self without devastating him. The most convenient issue that has been proved in front of us (maybe only me) that is, our hearts are the most stupid thing whole in our body, it would work day and night and make us stressed out while we are swinging between the choice of it and our brain. It is never known to the art of cleverness or maybe we are the one who never introduced it to become one.

I hope you liked the above text and I hope that it may reflect your life as well :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey! I also get Two Portfolio's :'(
    and my brain just bang bang,Don't know what to do!uh?
    Well,best of luck :)
    The picture is awesome as well,and i love the BOKEH and the back<3