Tuesday, 1 May 2012

-Our Society Affected by Dual Faced People-

-Our Society Affected by Dual Faced People-

-Dual Faced People-
''I hate two faced people. It's so hard to decide which face to slap first''

Woah...! Well-Said man...! This is what I call... Pure Profanity of the bad mark! That is why we all are so unjust, and never so true and pure. That's what happens to us as the way we are and we behave.

The world has been speciallized by the not-so-cool-dual-faced-people. what do they think? They'd become nice to breaking dawn and bad at the horrid darks?

Being a human, we feel so proud and feel intelligent living being out there, everywhere. But as soon as you grow up, you actually come to know what the world really difines society as; This word means that the group of people living together having two faces, one for themselves and other one for the others.

During the time period of my childhood, my elders always told me that ''Kid, never have a thought in mind by which the society gets affected negatively'' And I never did so, but as soon as I grew up, I came to discover the environment, and what did I get? Two Faced People, Black Hearts, Negative Thoughts Blah.. Blah... Blah.

When You and I came on this Earth, we were just told that A Stands For Apple, and B Stands For Ball, nothing much more, but when I grew up, met some people and saw that how they're really satisfied in this environment, they are real Backstabbers, Liars, Betrayers... And that's how they're living, one faced which is quite calm and charming to the world, and back-then, Evil to themselves, planning to ditch someone again.

The Pride of having ruling the hearts of people at a certain place and time, then afterwards having another plan to screw someone. Saying bad words about someone to you will always remind you that, the person who is delivering these words to you about someone may have been saying the same thing about you in a backstabbing manner.

Bribes and corruption gives a lot examples to you about the unjust with the people of the world and the fast change in the minds of the people of the world. Most people are fluent in three languages, sarcasm, profanity, backstabbing.

''That's what they were told in their childhood'' Some people become bad to the retina of the society by bad deeds and the people usually point of their parents that "what a lot of wasted time, if they'd rise him/her up nicely, they won't get to see this day"

That's also what I call Dual-minded or two faced people, always have been negative!One thing to say that people are not told all this because every one's parents have been thinking of their children. They adopt and adapt to live in an unsuitable environment.

Well, not much to say that if we really want peace and comfort in the society, then we'll have to apply the new theme in our minds of equal thinking and action. And say good-bye to comment passing and negative thoughts and EVIL. that's the only way to refine our environment and get the Master Pieces.

Some words for the dual faced people, a poem written by me..

I hate being dual faced, I want to be like a star
Dual faced people are bad, they never show what they are

They Betray, Lie and  do bad things like this
They never are good, and have very evil wishes

They talk behind backs which is called ''backstabbing''
They can fake to be good, and well do clapping

I'll always pray to God to show them the right way
So they'll  be good, and from bad things, they'll stay away...!

Have to go more perfect, see you later.

Regards and love from :

Najia Arif Sultan...

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