Friday, 4 May 2012

DELIGHTS: Ice Lolly!

First day of my header, DELIGHTS! The most unforgettable, mischievous, dotty-ditty tasks I did in my whole day! Is under the header, DELIGHTS!

# 1 (Day First) Ice lolly = so this is a new discovery in my blog, that I have decided to reflect all my day task here (specific) so, welcome my new discovery! To NajSultan BLOG~!

As You read the topic, ''ICE LOLLY'' This is to the relation of the most sweetest task I did today! I have made ICE TOFFEE in my fridge that was too cool and awesome! The idea arrived in my mind from that, yesterday, I had an Ice Cream, I ate it, then I went to my Cousin’s room, there she was lying on the bed unlamented because of something wrong had happened that’s why her lively mood was off; I lied on the bed too, and told her that I had Ice Cream, just then, from the word ICE CREAM, a thought arose in my mind, that I used to watch a program for teenagers, which was named as ‘’ BIG BANG ‘’ In that show, they made uproarious, mind-blasting, dazzling, dotty (Sometimes) things! 

Including to one of those things, they had made Ice lolly /toffee whatever it was, but the lip-smacking stuff it was! They had made it with different flavors, but I could avail the sugar suspension only, and my cousin had put some cola, we had put it to freeze until it was frozen, it was approx 45 minutes ago it was semi-ready, we took it out and had put the bamboo sticks to the centre of it, then back to the freezer… and after 1 hour, we took it out, and licked it and finished it!!

Now I have put a flavored diluted juice, TANG; you may know. So, my Ice lolly is right now in the fridge by the same procedure and now I have to check it out, see you later, and if it tasted, AWESOME! Then I’d tell you Even my cousin, had left a comment on that '' You made my DAY NAJIA! even my mood was off because we had cancelled our program of going to my grandma's home, but this is berrilicious! Thank you yarrr! '' I wish I could leave a better compliment in the wish to answer her, but that was all that I SMILED and I was DEVASTATINGLY,  INCREDIBLY HAPPY! see you later J

The one and only,

The stupid,

Najia Arif Sultan…

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  1. I wish to be their with u and your Cousin! :P
    To eat,the YUMMY ICE-LOLLY! and drink Tang! :D And enjoy with u and your cousin...=)
    Hehhe :D
    Regards;Aimal kayani.