Friday, 4 May 2012


DIS-APP-OINT-MENTS: A thing which happens, times! And also leaves you a part of it too..
I've suffered from it.. And only those know, who have experienced it... Some of the disappointments, which really disappoint you... I dunno that they really do or not, but I am sure that they are labelled as disappointments;

  •  When you were a child, you used to go to the bakery to fetch some bread, just then you have a look at the dark chocolate, you take it, show persistence, take it home, then you taste it, it actually had a bitter aroma, did you get something? Each bit you eat of it, it leaves you a bitter disappointment.
  • When you play a lot with a certain balloon, then you must have a know how about it that it can't take too long, and alas it bursts, leaves you a disappointment. 
  • Your major habits make you alas they destroy you too, First of them is biting your nails, you bite them a lot, then you have a stomach ache, you are disappointed.
  • When you are destroyed, every-one leaves you by just a single element ''BEHAVIOUR'  you ask your self '' Oh dayumh! Why this happens with me always?'' You're disappointed.
  • When you do not study in your examination days, you leave behind a reason that '' I am all done with it'' then you don't get good grades, and then you have the worst ever expression, you are very disappointed.
  • When you tell others not-to do bad deeds and that's wrong.. blah.. blah, then you do the same thing he/she did, the person points you and say '' HUH! '' you're really ashamed and disappointed.
  • When you hear something, exaggerate it, pass it to someone else, and the chain goes on. one day the real matter emerges, you're responsible and very disappointed.
  • While eating water melon, you are always supposed to spit-out the seeds, but if by mistake, you crush them with your teeth, it leaves a bit of bad taste, but a lot of disappointment! 

Life is not a pleasure friends! You have to live it... with-out the disappointment, or with-it, you choose! 

One and only,

Najia... Arif... Sultan.


  1. That's nice..
    After i read this and think It's not happen with me it's also happen with other.