Tuesday, 8 May 2012

DELIGHTS: People are like seasons...

#4: (Day 4) : People are like seasons...

People are the reflection of seasons,
They change in the same way,
They’re never constant,
They do often betray…

Sometimes, they’re like summer,
They act well so they flicker!
Sometimes they irritate us,
Sometimes they simmer!

They appear as winter too,
I’m Shocked that how they do!
They are often cool, to say!
But often they affray!

How do they become spring as well?
They bring flowers and bells!
The bells to annoy us,
And Flowers to mock marvelous!

And then they flip to be autumn,
They show they’re the common!
To be a conundrum, and absurd,
They feel like they are free as a bird!

So let’s tell them the rules to live,
The World is your closest relative,
Don’t pretend to be a season,
They come and everyone forgets it then…

To thee, thy ego is important,
The world has many of you abundant!
It doesn’t matter, if they all change,
Pretending to be a season, you look strange!

~Najia Arif Sultan~

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