Friday, 26 July 2013

{Project Life–Day 03}

{Before the dawn}:

  • Woke up as regular at 4:45 am and then ate my sehri.
  • We all then said our prayers and then went to sleep.
  • It' rained a bit and I knew that was a perfect start-up.
  • Woke up at 11:50 and then tip-toed out of the room.
  • Soon I took a nice bath. Changed into a new dress as I do on Fridays.
  • Surfed some internet and took some feet shots. All colored in red.
  • Lazy hot day and my cousin and me and feet and photos are everything.
  • Prayed Namaz and soon I started wandering around as I do. lol.
  • Near to 4:00 pm, it was all grey. Less sunny. Perfect for me.
  • I went to my uncle’s, it’s very easy to socialize when you live in a joint family. lol.
  • I loved today’s weather. Grey days are just too pretty to be noticed.
  • My house lounge was quite dark then. I went in my cousin’s room. Watched some television.
  • My day was going well.
  • Again went to my uncle’s place, near to 5:00 pm. Took some feet shots.
  • I was badly feeling low. But by Allah’s will, the fast went well.
  • Soon when the power was back, everyone was in the kitchen near to 6:00 pm all found in the preparation for iftaari.
  • I came back to my room, and then Namaz & Quran.
  • I was bored so made an infinity sign on my hand and took it’s picture.
  • I was feeling hell dull and low. Talked to my aunt for a while, turned pages of a magazine. It was all.
  • Soon came back downstairs and it was the time of 6:30.
  • Very soon the time passed and I also heard the news of death of a relative, a great attack of sadness.
  • I was so into that news and then the time of iftaari came. We did our iftaar.
  • Talked to my brother while we were still on the table.
  • Had juice and water and pakoras.
  • Prayed Namaz and then lied on the bed, watching Mawlana Tariq Jamil’s speech. So overwhelming.
  • It was the day and so so so much laziness was dripped-up in my head and I was so lazy today. Didn’t even feel like taking pictures.
  • Downloaded the windows live writer. This made me feel good.
  • Thanks to Allah, He made my day, as He makes everyday, a good day.
  • Then surfed some internet and ate pakoras and noodles. Yum.
  • Along with that, edited pictures from today and posted.
  • This day was grey. But these pictures, speaking to me, make me happy now :)
{Shall update you soon with more excitement}
Till laters, ta!

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