Wednesday, 24 July 2013

{Project Life - Photos and Words}

Hola amigos! Pardon for the absence and no notice of it. I am really very sorry about it because of the holy month of Ramadan is here yet so the blog was neglected, even though it's not negligible but still all the days are serving a different timetable and routine differs from the normal days. Still I have tried much to pay attention towards everything equally so that I'll learn the significance of every little thing. Enough.

Okay *sigh*. This post is regarding to my new topic on the blog. Basically, I figured out that I was ignoring this stuff and the magnetizing effect of blog and stuff has gone away somewhere because of lack of ideas and else too many other things, so I decided to do something that logs me in into the blog and along with it, my habit of taking pictures *yessss* will emerge out. The project life is a self challenged-project to pay attention towards everything.

In this project, I'll post photos and routine of the days that I am going through and you guys will know that how much time I give to everything and even I'll be alarmed about everything *yay*.

The procedure will be like, I'll post photos (most possible that I could capture) and post about the timings (most possible as I could remember) and aware you guys with my daily life :) This project is inspired because I've always been exploring blogs and inspiration strikes me anyway! :)

 Right now, I think that the self challenge should remain only 7 days. I'll extend the days when I want. I'll not be posting any other thing in the duration of the project life days.

Be ready.

Thank you so much for giving your time.


Ramadan: It's the holy month of Muslims in which they fast for Allah and spend the day without eating or drinking anything. Their fast starts before sunrise and they break it at sunset. 

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