Sunday, 2 September 2012

{What's in my bag}

Hey hey hey! Have been thinking so post some inspiration, by her things and her idea to do this, and really, that's too cool! I thought to give it a try, well the idea has become a reality which makes me dance! Hehehe! And there we go for the pic! 

PS: The quality sucks because it's a pic from my cell phone :/
Okay, hmmm now, I'll introduce you that the bag contains wipes, watch, letters from people, a hand-to-hand file for important notes, along with my money clutch, minibook, a perfume, a holder (bag) for my pins and stuff, a book to read, a bottle of lotion, lip balm, pens and pencils, and sunglasses! 

So, this was my bag, and thank you so much for having a look! 


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