Friday, 28 September 2012

{Birthday Girl}

Hey hey hey! so there's the birthday girl! Sorry it's too late to be there but it was my birthday on the Th of September. I acknowledge that I couldn't put up it's pictures and journalling over here son enough but what so ever, that here now. I really love my family to make me feel important, secondly that's just so special when your Dad of your Mom greet you, your birthday and they make you feel that they value the day when the first time I cried and my Mom was happy! So life continues this cycle and you have to be someone in other's eyes so that they worth you, never make you feel like worthless! and So happy I am that I was born on this day and happy because that my parents still do cherish this day after 13 lovely years! Doesn't that mean so much? Now let us see that what did I do with the decoration case... 

I was really happy that I decorated some stuff first ever time in my life because some stuff already done and packed up and then posted up on the high walls just bothers me, I like them when they are hand made... So that is it...

Hope you loved this little creation of mine :)

Come again to explore :)


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