Monday, 17 September 2012

{These Days & Me} a mini... a journey of twenty twelve...

Hey pals! What-sup? Hope you all are doing really well! 

A couple of weeks ago, I had been working on some inspirations... the MINI BOOK, you might have not heard about that before, if yes then it would be super fun introducing it to you all! I had started working on it in the month of June but the prototype wasn't so good and my thoughts about making it a fab were stood there, still...

My heart was really broken when I looked at the one with despair! and threw my hands in despair too, but one day I made it by the heart of mine, my hands started working on it and there we go for some glances!

The mini book, These days and me... And it's really thick! next photos very soon...

Thanks for visiting, come again with brighter hopes :)



  1. What kind of stuff you put in it? by the way,it's good.

    1. It's a book that I made, as because I have always wanted to make a book of mine, so I did a tutorial and made it, and that about putting stuff, that is just a piece of cake when you have things in your life: especially about you. Thanks for stopping by.

    2. Hmmm! Good! :) keep it up!....Oh,I can't understood that? What's about me? U said;Especially about u? So,can u please tell me?what's about me girl?
      Love u always :)
      Regards and love from;Aimal kayani.

    3. Zunaira Dear, a book is about your journey, or something else, what's on these days, what are the things you wanna share with your book, what else? anything, just attach pages and write on. Thanks for stopping by always.

    4. Oh! Thanks again for telling me! :)
      You're an Inspiration for others!

    5. hehehe, you are the only one to say that I guess, Well I am not really =p