Tuesday, 5 March 2013

{Flower Obsessiveness}

Hello people I am sorry from because of the absence from here because as I had told you in the previous post that I will be really busy because of the exams such a hassle that the blog was a little ignored :) but now, I am free, and iA will be updating you with loads of stuff that I had captured.

So, yesterday we went to a flower exhibition on Clifton, Khi and it was yumm! hehe, actually it was all about flowers and we are regular visitors of the exhibitions since last year, and we took loads and loads of photos like 100+ and my brother, who is a very good photographer himself took photos that he has uploaded on his facebook page, the exhibition was a thing to be captured at every single step we took forward! I mean, it was crowded by people and fragrance of flowers!

We could see the flowers of the world! Every flower had a beauty in it, besides of the flowers, there were interesting plants there too which were overwhelming and gorgeous and fascinating that you would plung forward to take all of them away regardless they were too expensive though but what takes to capture! NOTHING! So me and my bro and my baba stepped towards capturing the photos and then I also took some photos, not too many but a few (they actually turned out to be really less photographic when we reached home and inspected the photos, because some of them were not good and some were not even focused properly lol) and then I was also overwhelmed by them. Besides the flowers, there were many interesting trees and bushes which had to be captured so we did.

I think that was enough talking now let's come to the photos;

This was a tree that was a red leafed tree and was so pretty (wish if I could show you more photos of the leaves on the green grass) Pro'ly this was a photo that my photographer brother and photographer dad liked a lot so I thought that this photo deserves to be published on my blog and let you people know about it.

Another one of my clicks and one of my favorites! I loved this photo so much that I have set it as my desktop background lol :D But really, I am quite possessive about this photo that's why I thought to share it.

This one is a capture by my brother and he added it on his Facebook page as well. I added this because I am in this photo :p You see that I am touching a bough, I was really fascinated by it :) More..

This tree/shrub was so devastatingly beautiful and so precisely furnished, I loved it the beautiful red and pink leaves up there were so pretty and yes, it was on sale but it was too expensive. The sunlight preaching from the holes of the shrub were really peaceful on the face in a cold evening. *Sigh*

Another pic (closeup) of the grid shrub, I like a lot of space left specially with flowers of deep colors with the combination of blue sky. Pretty.

Thanks for stopping by!

(iA: This means if God wills)

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