Friday, 5 April 2013


Hello people around, hope you all are well, I am sorry for the long absence, yeah that will be really common since my exams will have started and I would be absent! You know, the finals are here and these are the only days when I can update you.

So, I was just wondering if I could share something really useful for you. We guys wander around and find really interesting things that might be in books, or on the internet, so we got to use it a full useful manner. I, myself overuse the internet and spoil my days here and when I get to know a "Golden Ratio" I can't help it.

I always want to share things to people, whether they relate it or not. I would always love to share it when the person next to me, may understand it and always share with me the best of the things that are useful and influence my knowledge.

I was just looking on the internet some useful things that were really fabulous, I got a very interesting thing that is the "Golden Ratio", this whole thing is too comprehensive that it can't be described over here, so I would just say that 'everything the God has made is worth our attention and he has made it with a specific ratio, the golden ratio which is an incredible thing, just say that from the whole universe to the tip of our toes is divided into the golden ratio'

It has been described in the holy book Qura'an, the concept is that Allah has made everything into a defined proportion.

There's the link to help you get it;

Hope you get this and I hope that it helped you.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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