Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I am inspired lately

CIAO! Sorry people for my long absence from here, but I might be away for a few more days again because of the disaster that occurs in every student life "Exams". Yes, my exams are here on my nose and I am preparing for them so this is the precaution.

Well, despite being attacked by the exams phobia, I stopped doing many things, but not getting inspired! Yes! I am inspired by a lot of stuff! and I am about to share it! Maybe, I might be on here again in a couple of days, and add the inspired one stuff, but we shall see it. For now, I am inspired by a lot of Flickr stuff.
Instagram shots that are inspiring like this.
The yum in my tum like this.
The style I want like this.
Bokehlicious shots inspire me like this, this and this one.
Oh, the pretty words inspire me like this.
Yummy stuff that is just like this.
A beautiful sky shot like this.
A girlish thing like this.
A peace thing like this.
A pretty bunch'O flowers like this.
A windowsill I would like to have and the wall color I like, as this one.
A very pretty socks collection as well as the pretty shots like this.

I hope you are inspired like me, because these are very inspiring shots and stuff to get inspired from.

Till later, byeo.

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