Monday, 29 October 2012


Hola amigo! I was very excited to post this because this post s a real freak! That is because we went to Cinnabon, Pakistan in the morning with family and two lovely people Unzeelah & Ezaamah, my brother's children. Our actual plan was to go to Dunkin' Donuts as we go sometimes with lil ones but we didn't go there just 'cuz of some mistake. The morning was lovely and when we went to Cinnabon instead , I took some of the pictures of the two lovelies and the food obviously to add over here =p.

Well, I feel that family outings are important and the most important part is the history we'll take together when we grow more to life, and the element or the agent that will be a memoir are the photographs.

Life will introduce us to a new oneself, and the main thing that has to be there is the memory of what we used to be, Ya I know & I can understand it's hard to become the person we used to be, but why don't you just remember it man?  And the photographs are best element in a person's life to remember and stay long with the memory that what & how we were, and what & how we are.

Just to justify that why do I take pictures (not photography), just to let them become a milestone in our lives, I have written all this for that. How important these pictures are! Let's see what I'll get when I'll be somewhere else and when I see those pictures, what will be my thoughts, let's see the picture! 

*The Cuppy-Cake*
The Cuppy cake I ate in the morning which is unusual for me because I have quite a lot heavy breakfast everyday, but this just a Cuppy cake wasn't enough for me (I thought 'fore eating it) but when I ate it, it was like I ate my regular breakfast twice =D with the Cinnabon's Oreo Chillata, a whole cup! The larger size OMG  I was really serious so I shared it with Unz & Ez. 

Courtesy: Ali Anas | Photography

*The Oreo Chillata*
This is the Drink I had with the Cuppy-Cake, the Oreo chillata! This one was quite nice but too heavy, a couple times I said the word 'Heavy' just because sweets are always heavy, and in the breakfast, even though a cupcake and a drink is not a quite heavy stuff to take-in, but his one was and I am not a very food lover I guess =p.

So the both things were lovely just because it was the first day in my whole life that I had breakfast at Cinnabon quite a lot nice experience I guess.

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  1. OMG! It's YummYY! and looking cute? Right? Ahah!
    Send me the cup-cake.please,Because i love cup cakes.And For my,It's not a really very big deal to eat cupcakes in break fast :P Because I'm Lovin it.
    Regards:Aymi Kayani.

    1. You can get it from anybranch of it I guess =p By the way, thanks for stopping by!

    2. Ya! Thanks for telli'n me :)....

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  2. It is yamm. ��

  3. The. Cup. Cake I am unz ☺