Saturday, 20 October 2012

{I am a bad bad girl}

Hey people, just have been hurt for a long long time ago because of some of my classmates and their doings that make me feel suppressed and un-important, and a couple of days ago, I have been thinking to blog this as blogging is all about what we're doing all the way. 

Actually they hurt me is not the topic which I am blogging about, the topic is that whatever they said is right.

According to me, what the people say about us, is sometimes right; even they don't compromise and turn to what they're saying. Besides these things are also those points that I was all the time involved in enveloping from my original persona.

Do I really am the way they said?

  • I am egoistic.
  • I am good to nothing.
  • I can't do anything at it's good.
  • I am all into my thoughts.
  • I don't listen to anybody.
Is that true what they said? 
Sometimes we go in complex &  Pessimism, maybe I am thinking too much, or maybe what I think is right.

I have reflected myself as a normal person should be but besides what my friends said, we can't always judge ourselves as a superior.

I hope you will understand me...

Thanks for having a look anyways.


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  1. you are not a bad girl you are my sweet haert