Sunday, 18 August 2013

{Something to say…}

Hey all. Hope you are well. I am really happy that my blog is getting so many insights and views of people, though some of them or so many of them do not comment but they are silent readers, I know. So, as my blog has started getting approach of international readers, I am really thankful to all of them to seek something really good in it. Like, my posts are really not getting wasted behind something else, but my vocabulary and a good habit is created and a very beautiful link between me and all the readers through my words, has taken place.
I actually wanted to say a couple of words to all of my readers that why actually I blog.
I  blog because somethings that are unsaid, are having a beautiful meaning always, and so they need to be conveyed to all the people. We never know when it’s the last time we are talking to someone, it’s better to say it all.
I blog because life is good, and we actually need to tell everyone about it.
I blog because the words that are written, are said in a silent way, and silence is the key to a successful life.
I blog because like our body is nothing without the skeleton, likewise the people are nothing without the framework of words that connect us together.
I blog because I think that life is hard, and we need to trust someone and the best way is to write because people are really not trustworthy around.
I blog because as we grow, our stories need to be told.
I blog because I feel that there must be someone who comes to trust and like us by our words.
I blog because every little thing has a self importance, and writing it, is the best way to respect.
I blog because my heart speaks, it continues with everything “worse” going around and I feel to write about it.


Hope you got my point.
Just wanted to say somethings like this, because saying is important and we’d all be nothing without this ability.
Thanks for reading.

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