Thursday, 15 August 2013

{Eid and a peek to my styling}

Hey, I am extremely sorry for this long long careless absence, I am glad for everything that you people did on my blog, and commented and told that you liked the past posts about how my days were going, actually I got a little tackled in other hundreds of things and so I ignored the blog unwillingly and thought about all the photos that I had to take but now I am back, hopefully my posts are not going to be THAT regular but I’ll be updating you guys with too nice stuff.

So, as the Ramadan season went and the EID came and by god’s grace, we celebrated it and wore new and pretty clothes too. This day was too much for every Muslim in the world that is equal to the 30 or 29 days that went fasting. We all celebrate this event really peacefully by dressing up ourselves and our surroundings. Yet this day was so inspiring for everyone because we all wore new clothes and celebration and decoration ( a lil bit ) was there as well, so a lot of inspirational stuff captures one’s minds.
Let me share some styling that I did on the EID day.


My feet were red. I wore the shoes from stylo.


Our bed spread was very light green in color, so peaceful.


I am wearing: palazzo trousers and dress designed by my mother.

This is was and how was I on the Eid day, we also got eidee and it was a very pleasant day, it was raining peacefully outside.

This day went too too good and we always get sad whenever this whole month passes and comes then the next year.

Thanks for reading! EID Mubarak, hope yours went well too :)


  1. I love the color combination of your clothes! ^_^
    Belated Eid Mubarak to you too :D

    1. Oh thankyou, it is just designed by my mom, she worked a lot on this though. Hope your day was good too :) Eid mubarik.

  2. Dress is awesome. Eid mubarak to you and your loved ones.

    1. Thanks for the dress. Eid mubarak to you too. :)

    2. Welcome. Say your Mommy to desinged for me too. Tehe. :D
      Have a look on my blog if your free ; . . -Thankyou.