Sunday, 5 May 2013

{This Heart}

Hey everyone, hope you all are good, as I had told you about my holidays before the new session of my 9th grade iA, I had planned so many things to do in these holidays and so I had added them in my wishlist and my wishlist had this project.

I had brought some equally sized card sheets (rectangular) approx. 8" in length and breadth 6.5", and I knew that I have to do something with these! So I thought that I should make something that I think of doing and that was, obviously done with newspapers.

Me, holding the pattern

In this photo, you can see that this sheet is rectangular and I made borders with red and black, and then what I had to do was to cut the hearts from any newspaper. Here I chose newspapers because I wanted a colorless theme over here and what I found and the most available at home was indeed newspapers, I wanted the colorless theme because I wanted to put an individual red and 2 or 3 pink pieces of newspaper. 

I added 4 in a row, so that because it was fixing the best on it and then I added a pink one in the first row, the red on in the second row and another pink one in the third row. You can see a very light pink on the top of the second row too.

I added the  pink shaded deliberately because the whole grayish theme wouldn't look so cool so, I thought that I have to add something that will support the red one.

I pasted all the hearts and ta da!

Now I am thinking to display it somewhere in my room or maybe I have plans for tomorrow? who knows? :)

Happy making!

Thanks for Stopping by!