Wednesday, 25 June 2014

It’s been a LONG time

Hey there you reader. I am extremely sorry for my long absence from here and even I couldn’t notify about it. My last post was about 10 months ago and I can’t describe how much busy my days went and the blog was ignored a lot. I know it was a very peculiar dead blog since the day I stopped writing here and then couldn’t comeback in touch. However, now I am back so be ready for exciting posts :)

As Ramadan are coming, so I guess I will start my days in photos project once again like I did last year in Ramadan but life got harder and I couldn’t post more, so I think that I should start it from the first of Ramadan.

If Allah wills, you are going to see lots of more stuff on my blog related to my life other than those posted last year. I bet you’re gonna love it :)

See you soon,

Thanks for dropping by.


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