Friday, 17 August 2012

{What's in: day 01}

Hey guys I have started a new post type, the routine ones, have to post something what's in my schedule these days, so there we go.

  • Woke up for sehri near 4:00 am.
  • Walked to the wash-room and then to the dinning room all with my eyes shut to have sehri .
  • Had sehri then did my ebolution for fajr.
  • after the prayers, we all went back to sleep while my baba went to masjid.

  • woke up as a part of our schedule when the power goes off.
  • wandered to the dinning then to the sitting room then to upstairs to my uncle's place in my night dress.
  • I was actually feeling the fast.
  • talked to my taayi felt good anyway. Talked about random things, solved the magazine riddles.
  • then as soon the power came back, we felt better and then back to my place and then sat there read my novel until my brother came we turned on the computer until our baba came back from his agency.
  • he went back and I went for a shower, wore new clothes because today was jummat ul vidah.
  • prayed and then went to my taya's place to have some shots with an adorable person.
  • then back to our place, felt really lethargic and dull, wanted to sleep but couldn't.
  • got bored, wandered around my house.
  • until it was Asr - prayer time so I did my prayers.
  • then later on, followed by the couch, supported by the cushion and read a book and fell asleep.
  • woke up instantly for Iftaar.
  • had my meal then I prayed and then in the room.
  • later on my cousins were here so spent some time with them.
  • read a book, followed to the bed.
  • turned out the lights near 11:30.

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